Illya Kuryakin
Ilya Kuryakin Movie
Status: Alive
Date of birth: July 25, 1931
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Nationality: Soviet
Nickname(es): Peril
Affiliation: KGB, U.N.C.L.E
Marital status: single
Played by: Armie Hammer
First appearance: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Appears in: 1 film, 1 video game
Ilya Kuryakin is a Russian KGB spy who teams up with Napoleon Solo and Gaby Teller to stop a possible nuclear war. He is an extremely strong gentleman.

Biography Edit

Illya Kuryakin was born in Moscow on July 25, 1931.[1] His father was a high-ranking member of the Communist Party, until he was caught embezzling Party funds around 1941 or 1942[2] and was sentenced to the gulag in Siberia. After that, it is stated that Illya's mother "became very popular with [his] father's former friends" which implies either that she was sleeping around or became as a de-facto prostitute.

Some time after that, Illya was the youngest man to ever join the KGB and became their best agent within three years.[3]

On June 10, 1963[4], Illya tried and failed to prevent Napoleon Solo from taking Gaby Teller out of East Berlin. This more or less resulted in the two of them being assigned as partners for a mission in Rome.

After their mission in Rome, Illya followed U.N.C.L.E. and his team to Istanbul, where they presumably remained until at least the first of September.[5]

End credits file Edit

In addition to Illya's date and place of birth, the file presented in the end credits gives the following information:

Specialties Edit

  • Surveillance cert, X1 level
  • Tech, Comp, FACT/COBOL

Combat experience Edit

Psychological profile Edit

  • B3 Volatile personality disorder
  • Disturbed childhood
  • E1 Oedipus complex

Other skills or knowledge Edit

  • Fluent in English and German
  • Power boat champion (silver medal, 1958)
  • Chess International Master (IM) - Elo rating 2401

Other/behind the scene Edit

  • An underlying theme of the movie is Illya's connection with undercover spy, Gaby Teller. Although they never kiss, they nearly do at least three times, but always seem to be interrupted.
  • Armie Hammer was very embarrassed of his Russian accent.[6]

References Edit

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  5. The end credits features pictures of the characters post canon, including one of Waverly dated September 1st (presumably, still 1963) and labeled 'Director| Bureau of I... | Department'. Considering the rest of the credits share pictures of the crew in Istanbul, this timeframe sounds like a reasonable assumption.
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